Michael Scherr

An adequate web developer.

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I strive to write the perfect code, for that really vague requirement.


I'm always `200` with learning. Being comfortable is `406`.


I enjoy being on time and focused. Coffee sometimes helps though.

Hello There

        "As a web developer, what would be the best way to stand out online?",
    "suggestions": [
        "A killer website with sick animations?",
        "Tons of lackadaisical (unlike this word) copy you'll never read?",
        "A multitude of images assets that result in ~5MB page load?"
        "Fear not, for I have decided to introduce myself through documentation."

Yes, the one thing developers hate most writing, but also can't live without, I'm going all in.

This site is built on Vuepress using the default theme (Let's be real I'm not a designer).

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